Skills and Experience

Employment History

Venatrack LTD

Remote (Offices in Slough)
September 2010 - January 2013
Senior developer

I worked at Venatrack on several components of their Motion Capture system which recorded football matches from a number of cameras using different software for a variety of stages of the production, both live software and post-production.

  • I was involved in re-writing the c++ rendering engine for our 3D-clip production software to move from FixedFunction code (DirectX 9) to a more powerful and flexible system (using DirectX 11) which allowed us to add a large number of effects and render much more higher-resolution geometry (collada) whilst still being efficient and allowing us to produce video clips of the 3D renders.
  • Writing HLSL shader effects such as depth of field, realtime shadows, and other post-processing pixel shader effects to go with geometry-effects such as large volume rendering of crowd members (all on GPU)
  • As the different cluster components developed I introduced new systems and classes specifically to aid optimising the c++ multithreaded software, identifying slow code, removing contention between threads and increasing concurrency on 16 core machines.
  • I refactored and improved much of our core C++ API, used on the truck software and our various tools, introducing Unit Tests and identifying(and fixing) many bugs with these core classes which improved stability
  • Much of our C++ software needed to be administrated live under tense conditions so most components had a PHP Web interface with a custom-written C++ HTTP server. This not only needed to be efficient but cross-browser safe (including tablets and mobiles) and implement protocols correctly.
  • We had proprietry database and file formats to store gigabytes of data so we often needed specific C++ tools to convert, view and manage these assets which needed to run fast and work with 3gb+ files.
  • Much of these video tools needed realtime conversion for other flash or HTML based tools (both live and post-production) and to facilitate operators often had a web-interface to interact with the executables on remote machines. These were often written in PHP on a WAMP server to execute these tools and monitor their progress.
  • To evaluate the improving quality of our software, we had various tools to evaluate certain aspects of the software (eg. OCR or Team-kit recognition). Using Teamcity I wrote various scripts in Python to compare the XML output of these tools to automatically produce HTML graphs so we could see improves per-commit.

Travellers Tales

Knutsford, Cheshire
October 2009 - September 2010
Game Systems & Tools Programmer

I joined Travellers Tales to continue my career in the games industry in the MiddleWare team of the company working primarily on the Level Editor and game-systems which the games are run on top of. All of our work was in C++.

Lego StarWars, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean (2010-2011):

  • Implementing new high-level UI functionality.
  • Rewriting and refactoring underlying/low-level design for the editor to allow massive expansion and improve stability, efficiency and move more tools into one interface
  • Refactoring other low-level game-systems which the games run on top of.

Lego Harry Potter (2010) Wii, PS3, XBox360, PC:

  • Working on tools and bug fixing towards the end of the project

Tootle LLP

Derby, Derbyshire/Manchester
August 2008 - October 2009

With a former colleague I formed a company working on small independent games for Apple's iPhone and low-barrier entry consoles. We have developed our own technology and tools with scalability in mind and looking to expand in the future back onto consoles. We released a few small games into the AppStore whilst we worked on a much larger project, but this never came to fruition before our funds ran out.

Most of the work was in c++ for cross-platform purposes, with objective-c for IOS specific interfacing.

Tootle has ended as of October 2009 as we have run out of bootstrap funding.

Skills and development involved:

  • Large scale engine design with stability, multi-threading, networking/streaming in mind
  • Modular and scalable cross platform design.
  • Low level efficient render implementation across platforms.
  • Created a rapid development asset pipeline working cross platform and realtime asset-reloads, sourced from OS file systems, network/internet.
  • State and XML based graph system which is easily serialised into save-assets which can be stored, streamed to other clients or replayed.
  • Built in tools development and will have realtime mutli-user development
  • Physics, audio implementation and modular integration with 3rd party services and SDK's.
  • Rapid data-driven gameplay development
  • Business/company related activities, setting up a company, accountancy, tax returns etc.
  • Scheduling and working with outsourced artists/services.
  • Deployment of company web-site and web-based interface to game social features
  • Setting up company systems; Version control, bug tracking, scheduling software, backups, automated build processes and unit testing, secure remote access.

Eurocom Entertainment Software

Derby, Derbyshire
August 2001 - July 2008
Games programmer

My initial role at Eurocom was developing gameplay mechanics but soon moved into more technical work; building frameworks for other members of the game development team to use to make their job easier and more efficient.

The Official Beijing Olympics (2008) PC, XBox 360, PS3:

  • Fast large crowd rendering (400,000 animated crowd members) using instancing, vertex shaders and minimum of resources
  • Low level networking implementation including a custom protocol with flexible data storage in packets and Nat-negotiation
  • High level networking game-interface, transparent to all 32 events.
  • SDK specific match making, lobby and user handling on Xbox Live, Gamespy and PSN.
  • Base game/event system on which all other events were built on top.
  • Event implementation support to other programmers and aiding personal development.
  • Generic control system which made GamePad control, AI, network-streamed and replay input transparent to events
  • Customisable in-game character creation across all events
  • Initial implementation of a few events.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007) PC, Wii, PS2, PSP:

  • Credited for work reused from previous project, also provided support for implementations

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (2006) Wii, PC, Gamecube, PS2, XBox:

  • Entire Wii port of the company engine using new rendering features, wii mote implementation, save systems and working with evolving hardware/sdk. Implementation took around 2 months in time for the Wii launch.
  • Object graphical effects, glass/ice refraction on objects, physics based tails and ropes, springs. Death effects
  • Menu and UI implementation including artist-orientated screen system, cross platform interface support
  • Level transition effects, fast level change and file handling
  • Save system which allowed us to restore the game to an exact point/state of the game
  • Efficient and font rendering system
  • Customisable control system for the player through Menu system cross platform.
  • Localisation implementation including foreign keyboards on the PC, non english character text support and specific japanese, chinese and russian builds
  • TRC handling and correction across all platforms and various territories, eg. japanese wii
  • In-game text management tools

Batman Begins (2005) Gamecube, PS2, XBox:

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (2003) Gamecube, PS2, XBox:

  • Joined both projects to help finish the games to implement missing features, bug fixing and optimising code
  • Front end menu system, localisation and text handling.
  • Fullscreen graphics effects including heat shimmers, water refraction
  • Platform specific save game management and TRC handling

Robots (2005) PC, Gamecube, PS2, XBox:

  • Fullscreen graphics effects including heat shimmers, water refraction
  • Game-wide optimisation
  • Boss level
  • Base game object systems, framework development for future games.
  • Inventory and pickup object management system
  • Localisation handling, efficient text rendering system for very large amounts of in-game text
  • Menu and UI systems with cross platform interface support
  • Platform specific save game management and TRC handling

Buffy the vampire slayer: Chaos bleeds (2003) Gamecube, PS2, XBox:

  • Multiplayer/control support
  • Camera control
  • Player weapon implementation
  • Gameplay implementation of puzzles, object types
  • Gameplay objectives and level-to-level handling
  • Inventory and pickup object management system
  • Menu and UI system, localisation management
  • Platform specific save game management and TRC handling

Self employed web/application development

1998 - Present

I have produced web sites, backends, Content management systems and e-commerce systems on a contract basis. I have a long standing experience with web-based technologies and standards compliance. I also have been involved in graphics production including creating logos and brands and whole site designs and user interfaces.

Most of my web-based work is personal; experiments with technologies, integration into non-web based (console) games.

Whilst I am a competent designer most live examples are more technical achievements rather than examples of design. Often I am asked to implement a design from drawings/images or add dynamic functionality to an existing site and not change the design.

Skills used:

  • Worked with PHP, XML, XSLT, Perl, Python, JScript/Javascript, Wordpress and more
  • Dynamic image and flash animation manipulation
  • AJAX based dynamic pages
  • SQL and XML based database interfacing and management
  • RSS management and manipulation
  • Simple standards based CSS and XHTML sites
  • Larger re-usable CMS systems with simple automated interfaces to databases where websites could be constructed from XML
  • Negotiating and liaising with clients and other contractors

Westek Technology

Melksham, Wiltshire
April 2000 - May 2000
PHP Programmer

As part of my college work experience program I worked at a company for whom I wrote a web-friendly front-end for their internal Microsoft Access databases in PHP. Although this was just work experience I was asked for specifically and was paid for my work.


Trowbridge/Wiltshire College

Trowbridge, Wiltshire
1999 - 2001

Distinction grade BTEC National Diploma in Computer Studies, specialising in Programming.


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